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Should You Drink Sports Drinks? When? Why?

The questions in this activity help students to understand the effects of consuming sports drinks and when and how the consumption of sports drinks can be beneficial or harmful. This activity provides the opportunity to review some basic concepts related to osmosis, cellular respiration, mammalian temperature regulation, and how our different body systems cooperate to maintain homeostasis.

 The first and third attached files have the Student Handout and the second and fourth attached files have the Teacher Notes.

sportsdrinksSHO.docx27.28 KB
sportsdrinksTN.docx30.04 KB
sportsdrinksSHO.pdf61.82 KB
sportsdrinksTN.pdf105.48 KB


Elisa Whitman's picture

Links for HOs won't open?

I'm having trouble opening the links, any suggestions?

Thank you for continuing to produce great resources esp as pertains to NGSS. Do you have any that are already modified for lower level students requiring modificaations?


Ann Dixon's picture

Microsoft Word files

Hi Elisa,

The two files are in Microsoft Word format - are you able to open Word files in general and just not these, or do you not use Word? If the latter, Google Docs is able to open Word files, among other options.

Dr. Waldron will answer you about other activities, but let me ask you about what level you mean by “lower level?” There are some activities that are suitable for upper elementary students, for instance, but I’m not sure if that’s what you mean.


iwaldron's picture

2013 revision

The 2013 revision of this activity provides a separate Student Handout with a clarified sequence of questions for students. The background information in the Teacher Notes has been updated based on recent research.

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