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Characteristics of Life

HummingbirdBiology is the scientific study of living things.

The Student Handout, together with two videos, help students to understand the characteristics of living things and the challenges of distinguishing between living and non-living things.

This analysis and discussion activity also introduces several themes that will be revisited in a general biology course.

The Student Handout is available in the first two attached files and as a Google doc designed for use in distance learning and online  instruction. The Teacher Notes, available in the third and fourth attached files, provide instructional suggestions and background information.

characteristics of life SHO.docx914.38 KB
characteristics of life SHO.pdf274.77 KB
characteristics of life TN.docx13.83 MB
characteristics of life TN.pdf654.81 KB


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Hi there

The video link and

have the same video please advise

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Video clarification

Here are the links for the two videos.

First link =

Second link =

Thanks for letting me know about the need for clarification, which is incorporated in the latest version.


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