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Resources for Teaching and Learning about Climate Change

This annotated list includes resources that can help your students to develop a scientifically accurate understanding of the causes and consequences of global warming and climate change. This list also includes resources for learning about how to reduce greenhouse gases and how to cope with the harmful effects of climate change. When learning about climate change, it is important for students to engage with proposals to mitigate and adapt to climate change, so they can feel energized, instead of powerless. Given the nature of the topic, the approach is interdisciplinary. These resources are appropriate for middle school, high school and/or college students.

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link not working or maybe the wrong link?


Thank you for all of these resources!

I'm trying to access "The Winners and Losers of Climate Change," available from your Climate Change Resources attachment. The link that's attached to it is not working:

I'm wondering if there might be another working link available for this activity?

Thank you,
Kathy Keogh

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New link

I am grateful to Ann Dixon, the wonderful webmaster of Serendip, who located the new URL for this activity. I have updated the resources document and include a new description here.

The Winners and Losers of Climate Change

Lesson: homework + ~35 minutes of class time; for high school. Students are assigned two articles to read and then answer questions about these articles. In the first article, students learn how climate change produces not only hotter temperatures, but also extreme weather events. In the second article students learn about phenotypic plasticity and look at several examples of genetic changes that have already occurred in species due to climate change. In class, students predict the vulnerability to climate change for eight species, based on information in a set of species cards.

pages 9-22 in

Thanks for alerting us to this problem,


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2019 revision

For the 2019 revision, I have added some new resources, removed some, and updated links where necessary.

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