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Macromolecules Jeopardy

This game reviews introductory chemistry, including organic compounds and chemical reactions. To access the game, open the PowerPoint attachment below; in full screen display, click on the slideshow icon on the right in the bottom bar. Clicking on a number in the gameboard will bring you to a question. When that question has been answered click on the yellow box in the lower right corner and you'll be brought back to the gameboard screen.  Spaces for questions that have already been answered will now appear blank, just like on the TV show. 

 Two ways of organizing the Jeopardy game are recommended in the Teacher Notes available in the second attachment below.

Macromolecules jeopardy.ppt94 KB
Jeopardy TN.docx27.29 KB


kayla iannetta's picture

blank spaces

How do you get the demoninations to reappear after you have played?

iwaldron's picture

If you want to play the game again,

close they version you have been using and reopen the PowerPoint attachment. This will make all of the items available again.


Serendip Visitor's picture

Just love it. Thank you 1

Just love it. Thank you 1

Melanie Lamoy's picture

macromolecule jeopardy

Hi. I was wondering if there was an answer key available for this game.

iwaldron's picture

Answer key

We do not yet have a key for this game. If you prepare a key for your own use, I would be happy to check it for you.


Jessica Lemieux's picture

9th Grade Biology

Thank you!

Serendip Visitor's picture


very much interested in learning biology

Joe Bruno's picture

Bio & Honors Bio

Looks and I think it will work great

Aliyu Idriss Tikau's picture

Biology Education

My regard 2 my teachers am a student went to become a teacher infuture.Thank you.

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