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Alice Lesnick, a former member of Serendip Studio's steering group, is an educator, writer, and painter/poet interested in collaborative learning, kids and families, feminisms, and change via all of the above.  She is Term Professor of Education and Director of the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program, where she was awarded the Rosalyn R. Schwartz Teaching Award in 2004. A faculty...


The Breaking Project explores radical change in life and thought. “Breaking” signals things coming apart so that new combinations become possible. Breaking is the start of revision. How do people do it? What is it good for?

Past, Present & Future
“Inhale the future. Exhale the past.”


Blended Learning "mixes" online and classroom instruction to more effectively engage students. Does this approach work for liberal arts colleges as well as larger university settings? What resources are available for faculty to develop a blended course? 

This site is designed to help reduce start-up costs by making it easier for faculty to find and share information about materials and techniques that work for blended learning in a liberal arts college setting.