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Empowering Learners Handbook

The Empowering Learners Handbook is an evolving collection of reflective essays aimed at charting useful pathways through the complexities of mentorship, tutoring, and other forms of learning support, ally-ship, and advocacy.  The pieces have been written over the past five years by students in an Education course at Bryn Mawr College, taught by Alice Lesnick ( 

We hope these papers will be of use to:

  • Students of Education interested in theory/practice integration, complexity and diversity in education, inter-personal relationships, decision-making, and connecting experience with academics, heart with head.
  • Teachers interested in new ideas for practice and new possibilities for learning support roles and partnership with college/university students in empowering learners.
  • Community members interested in education as an important source of personal and community development.

We invite you to read, write back, question, and try out the ideas offered here.