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My Love Affair with the Grey Lady

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Off the coast of Cape Cod

Is a grimacing monster cyclops

Creature of three eyes, all owl yellow

Carved jack o’ lantern watching, wondering

Forming an equilateral triangle of sight

Guarded against surgery, removal

Of the simple vestigial lump

Ever frightful

Her tempestuous mind

Moods dancing on a Cliffside

Before melancholy storms brewing

Beaches being overwhelmed by waves

Raging wild words with Apollo or lunar cycles

Eroding dunes and dragging away roots

From fields of salt grasses growing

Fine feeling skin hairs

Ripping apart

It hurts

She cries out

Great gritty tears

Streams of sand grains

Chunks of stone gliding down

Cowering with cracks and weakness

Wrapped in an obscure suspension is she

Particles of water and air pooled colloidal

Her cloak of silver, broach of sterling

Standing alone as an island

She continues to shriek

“Save our Sankaty”