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Eco Walk: a Rap

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Eco Walk (parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop ft Ryan Lewis)
By Zoe Holman and Claire Johnson with special thanks to Roux

We’re gonna grab some leaves
Throw them up in the a-air
I-I-I’m searching looking for a meaning
We are eco walkers

Walk into the forest like what up I see some big trees
Little rabbits scampering around and I see some cool bees
Water on the leaves, man it’s so shiny
All the nature ‘round us seems so damn tiny
Walkin’ in, shoes all laced, headin’ to the wilderness
Dressed in warm clothes, ‘cept my naked head, that’s a mess
Damn it’s so beautiful, deer standing next to me
Caught a quick glimpse of it, saw it go right by a tree

But shit, it’s just the way of life!
Walking in, wanderin’, cannot stop the wonderin’
Saw an old campsite someone else been bummin’ in
So why don’t we just stay the night?
I hope there are no bears in sight
We’re getting lost, falling down, can’t find my way back home
We don’t even got a map, we don’t even got a map
No for real—we’re hella lost—can we get a map out here?
So these are the lessons, we learned here:
From developing our own personal ideas
To sitting alone outside, and writing alone outside
Learned to write English good, learned to speak English good
Hello, hello, my Anne man, my teacher
Solnit, ain’t got nothin’ on our lost game, hell no
We could be pro like Thoreau, but skip the ‘tude
Even though “he’s zah cool ass dude.”

We’re gonna grab some leaves
Throw them up in the a-air
I-I-I’m searching looking for a meaning
We are eco walkers



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what there is to offer

While most people think that rap is just a lot of noise and sexual innuendos along with foul language, I would like to ask you to think about it as poety with a different rhyme scheme or with no ryhme scheme at all, just the beat of the music. 

As I went through this artistic experience with Claire we each were trying especially hard to come up with alternate lyrics to Thrift Shop. If I could not necessarily voice a line but knew what I wanted to say sometimes Claire would be able to voice it for me. I think this teamwork along with the help of one of Claire's roommates extends us to think ecologically. Instead of one person stealing the spotlight it was a conjoined effort which would have been nearly impossible if either one of us had tried to attempt it by ourselves.

It was also interesting that certain themes seemed to pop out of the lyrics, some completely by accident, others on purpose. I thought this was interesting because while Claire and I wanted to "teach" the class about something we had learned this semester, it seemed that we were creating an overview in one short rap. This rap provided flare and some "umphf" that added to the memory of what we learned in class, as did all the other teach-ins.

Each segment that we learned about throughout the year was brought together in one day and performed by all of us in different spiels. Each teach-in had its own unique flavor because it was tailored by each classmates in groups, pairs or in singles. Like Claire mentioned in her post, her and I had a similar concept to getting lost. While our opinions varied we were able to create a rap that represented ourselves as well as the class. And I think that each of these teach-ins reflected something that resonated within us during our ecological imaginings this year.