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Melanoma, Mutations and Abnormal Cell Cycles

This minds-on, analysis and discussion activity introduces students to basic cancer biology, somatic mutations, and regulation of the cell cycle. After students view an introductory video about a teen with melanoma, they complete five sections: “What is melanoma?”, “How does a melanoma develop?”, “Why do melanoma cells divide too much?”, “Genes, Environment and Melanoma”, and a final section in which students summarize their major conclusions about melanoma and learn which of these conclusions generalize to other types of cancer.

The Student Handout is available in the first two attached files and as Google doc designed for use in online instruction and distance learning. The Teacher Notes, available in the last two attached files, provide instructional suggestions and background information and explain how this activity supports the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Melanoma biology SHO.docx4.45 MB
Melanoma biology SHO.pdf629.9 KB
Melanoma biology TN.docx5.85 MB
Melanoma biology TN.pdf998.97 KB


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