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drawing the line: deams (nightmares) and reality

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An Introduction

For my final project, I decided to focus on dreaming, specifically nightmares and where the line between your dreams (nightmares) and your reality lies. I did this from the point of view of a poet and so researched Paul Celan, a Jewish poet who survived the holocaust.

Celan’s dreams are his nightmares that depict and portray the nightmare that his life was. His view is that dreams depict the reality that is your life and that you refuse to face. Using him as a base, I then included one of my own poems that I wrote after waking up from a night of bad sleep

I’ve presented my project in the form of a book (a diary/journal of some sort?). In it I’ve included Celan’s view on dreaming, a poem of his, a poem by me, my view on dreaming, a few dreams and the philosophy behind them. I’ve shown different kinds of dreams (nightmares) and given a plausible reasoning behind them.

I end the project with two pages on self editing and how it is our self editing from ourselves (of thoughts, emotions and actions) that make nightmares necessary as a way of coping.

Basically, the project intertwines between my life and my dreams, the research about dreams that I have done, and other dream experiences I have witnessed and tries to find a distinguishing line (if there is one) between the nightmares you have and the reality you live.