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I am so thankful that somebody is all ready for this year with NGSS activities. Stressed and somewhat excited, I am re writing my Biology. I've only written my first one, Characteristics of Life, which is not a standard anymore. I have added an emphasis of structure and function to it, and I'm very pleased with my results. Finding Minds On activities just the day after has really got my imagination soaring. THANKS!

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This website is such an AMAZING resource!! I SO needed this resource. Thank you for sharing your wonderful, minds-on ideas!

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mahalo( hawaiian for thanks!)

I really want to say mahalo plenty for the availability of your activities to science teachers. I found your site totally by chance and am so glad I found it. I am currently doing the Dragon genetics activities with one of my classes and they love it and find it to be an excellent learning endeavor. Again, much mahalo from this science teacher across the big pond.

Mr. Kerry Meyer

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looking for fun activities and labs for biology 1 students. thanks for any suggestions.

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