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Speaking of which... topics and blogs

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The "Geeky Mom" blog presents a wide range of subjects, from parenting to university politics. The blog itself is not only a platform of thought, but also a daily diary. "Geeky Mom" regales us with stories of daily life, being a working mother, etc. The comments flow from the same river, not making discussion, but affirming or asking questions based on the post.

Reading the "Geeky Mom" blog, I found myself digging through entries to find something I could relate to. The writing was clear, the layout was neat, but I could not read deeply on the topic of children, picky eaters, or the general daily-ness of being a 'mom'. Interspersed with such entries are entries on university/teaching debates and education. Given the comments, it attracts readers, but of a very specific audience. This ties in with "Geeky Mom's" own explanation of her blog as a "benevolent dictatorship."

Compared with the other blogs we've read, the personal was far more prevalent. This felt like the kind of blog read by close friends or similarly situated adults, not a college student --at least not on a regular basis. But for an academic setting, the questions it raises on the personality of blogs are quite exciting.

Personality, especially a personality and/or voice depicted through writing, dictates the flow of the blog. Will readers reach out to personalities they can connect with? Can personality push away as well as pull in? Should we again question how democratic the democracy of the internet really is? Blogging must truly be a platform, for one to find such converging and diverging interests combined and reshaped (by which I mean: I found myself enjoying 'Syllabub: Words on Food" but not "Geeky Mom," while I can practically assure you that any other person could feel the opposite, or dislike both, or like both in equal proportion).


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