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NGSS Modeling Biology Course

This NGSS Modeling Biology Capstone Course has been developed for use in a high school science curriculum that begins with physics, followed by chemistry, and then biology. We have developed and classroom tested materials for five topics (with a total of eight instructional units). These are:
1- Introduction to Biology
2- Biological Molecules (A-Chemistry of Life; B-Enzymes)
3- DNA (A-Structure and Function; B-Transcription and Translation)
4- The Cell
5- Energy and Biological Processes (A-Cellular Respiration and Bioenergetics; B-Photosynthesis and Biosynthesis).
Subsequent topics will include inheritance, organism biology, ecology and evolution. For an overview of the course, see the first attachment below.

For additional information about this course, see If you are not already a member of AMTA (American Modeling Teachers Association) and want to join for full access to all the materials, you can go to and click on membership. 

This course has been developed in cooperation with the American Modeling Teachers Association, which promotes a style of teaching science that engages students in actively developing, testing, and refining conceptual models (see video and second attachment below and 


Overview Modeling Biology for a P-C-B Sequence-v3.docx685.59 KB
Synopsis of the Modeling Method.docx13.39 KB


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I teach honours bio and AP bio as well as coordinating the science department and hoping that this webinar would be helpful for me and the teachers in my dot.

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