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Scavenger hunt for happy feelings

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Hi-- my name is Claire Johnson and I'm from Portland, OR. 

I must begin with stating that I don't think I was very "happy" at any of these places, but that each one brought out different sensations or feelings, and not all of them close to happiness. I was physically uncomfortable out doors because of the heat, and in the case of Morris Woods, the misquitos. MW was the second to last stop on this mini-hike, which was perhaps either unfortunate or lucky, as my time spent on the Dalton staircase was marred by nursing/trying not to scratch my bites (lucky because it was my last stop). However, I think out of the indoor spaces I enjoyed my time at Dalton the best, as I saw the space as the most dynamic--the closest to being outside without actually being outside, which presented a nice dichotomy. Plants would not have been very successful inside that space, though because the outer world was visible I suspected the plants/trees I did see there were content indeed. In one final note, my time spent inside Park Science (I walked all over but could not find the room--I settled for a geology-looking hallway) was the most intellectual and inquisitory, yet the natural, living world could not be seen. I had an awareness of knowledge which I did not have in other areas I wandered to, though the physical space was a bit unpleasant.