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CETE Participants 2012

Welcome to the CETE Conference, hosted at Bryn Mawr College May 30 - June 1, 2012.
  • Associate Professor of Science Education
    Wittenberg University

    I have bachelors degrees in physics and chemistry from the University of Arizona. After graduating, I worked as an electro-organic chemist but found it unfulfilling. I took a back door to education by working in the standardized testing industry for 10 years. Through my work in standardized testing I became very interested in education and then went back to school to earn certification. I taught middle school math and high school physics. I loved teaching but not getting up early so I decided to pursue a doctorate in science education (Ph. D.) from the University...

  • Associate Professor of Education
    Dickinson College
    I currently teach in the Education Department at Dickinson College. At Dickinson, we only certify secondary teachers and our full-time faculty work with students in all of our certification areas. My doctorate from Penn State is in curriculum and instruction, and I do not have a math and science background. I am, however, very interested in encouraging more Dickinson students to pursue teacher certification in these areas and look forward to learning more about the challenges and successes of our peer...
  • Assistant Professor Education and Black Studies
    Denison University
    Currently, I am a faculty member and alumnus of Denison University. I graduated in 1996 while majoring in both mathematics and education. After graduation, I went on to teach high school mathematics at Belmont High School in Dayton, Ohio for three years. Next I began my graduate studies at the University of Illinois (U of I) Urbana-Champaign in the Department of Educational Policy Studies. I earned my Master from the U of I in 2003 and my doctorate in 2006. In 2006, I began teaching as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Denison University in the Department of...
  • Professor of Mathematics & Statistics
    Swarthmore College

    I have long been interested in many aspects of teaching and learning in mathematics, including discovery-based learning, peer support, and writing in mathematics courses. Though trained in graph theory and combinatorics, my scholarly efforts are now focussed more on pedagogical writing. I taught at Williams College for 14 years before coming to Swarthmore in 2000.

  • Director of Science Education Education Department
    Brown University
    Dan Bisaccio was hired by Brown University’s Education Department in March, 2008 and is the graduate Director of Science Education (Master of Arts in Teaching) and lecturer in education. Prior to joining Brown University’s Education Department, Dan Bisaccio was hired as the Math/ Science/ Technology Division Head charged to develop and implement a program to meet the needs of all students for the 21st Century at Souhegan High School (a public school in Amherst, New Hampshire). SHS has received a number of state and national awards for offering public school students’...
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Education
    Bowdoin College
    Kathryn Byrnes is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Education at Bowdoin College. She earned her BA in Psychology from Davidson College, MA in Teaching from Wake Forest University and PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her research focuses on contemplative pedagogy in teacher education and K-12 education. She has taught courses on Adolescent Development, Educational Psychology, Educational Foundations, Educating All Students, Educational Narratives, and Mindfulness in Education at...
  • Education
    Princeton University
    Anne N. Catena, Ed.D. is the director of Professional Development Initiatives and a lecturer and program associate with Princeton University Program in Teacher Preparation. Dr. Catena enjoys advising and supervising student teachers pursuing certification in mathematics and the sciences, and teaches the Seminar in Education that is taken concurrently with student teaching, as well as the Seminar on Student Learning and Methods of Teaching. As director of Professional Development Initiatives, Anne works with Princeton faculty across the liberal arts departments and K-12...
  • Education
    Bryn Mawr College

    A faculty member in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program, Jody Cohen’s interests include urban education, multicultural education, and education for ecological literacy, with a focus on linkages between identity, equity, and schooling. She has been deeply involved with the evolution of Bryn Mawr’s 360°, a program that involves professors and students in an interdisciplinary cluster of courses focused on a shared theme, and recently she contributed to the 360° “Perspectives on Sustainability.” Jody is a longtime teacher of writing, the mentor to two Posses at Bryn...

  • Professor of Mathematics
    Bryn Mawr College

    I am a mathematician; my research area is chaotic dynamical systems. I have always been very interested in teaching (cooperative learning, use of computers in teaching, student projects, linking math with issues of civic engagement) and over the past decade have gotten involved in math and science education. I was a Co-PI of the Math Science Partneship of Greater Philadelphia (MSPGP) part of the  Math Science Partneship program of the NSF. As part of that project, I co-developed and taught a course for math and science majors called "Changing Pedagogies in Math and...

  • Education
    Bowdoin College
    Chuck Dorn teaches in the Bowdoin College Education Department. The department's "Bowdoin Teacher Scholars" teacher education program offers certification in secondary school English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language. Students participate in the program in the spring semester of their senior year (undergraduate pathway) or in a spring semester within two years following graduation (postgraduate pathway). The Department has just implemented an Interdisciplinary Major in Mathematics and Education.
  • Education
    Trinity College
    Jack Dougherty is Associate Professor and Director of the Educational Studies Program at Trinity College in Hartford CT. He graduated from Swarthmore College (philosophy, with secondary teaching certification in social studies in New Jersey), taught at the high school level for four years in Newark NJ, and completed his doctoral degree in educational policy studies from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Trinity College currently offers an interdisciplinary major in Educational Studies that integrates social sciences, history, and policy with participant-...
  • President
    Math for America

    John Ewing joined Math for America in early 2009 as President. Before joining Math for America, Ewing served as Executive Director of the American Mathematical Society for nearly 14 years. The AMS is the largest mathematics research society in the world with over 33,000 members and is a major publisher of mathematical research.

    Ewing previously was professor of mathematics at Indiana University from 1973-1995, where he served as Chair of the department for two terms. He has held visiting positions in the mathematics departments of Dartmouth College, the...

  • Associate Professor, Mathematics
    Saint Joseph's University

    After receiving an M.Ed. from Tufts University I taught high school math for several years in the Boston area, but eventually returned to school and earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Lehigh University. I have been in the Mathematics Department at SJU ever since.

    I direct our 5-year program leading to a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Secondary Mathematics Education for our math majors interested in teaching high school math. I am also the coordinator for mathematics content courses for pre-service elementary and middle school teachers.

    I am...

  • Assistant Professor Mathematics Education/Childhood Education
    The City College of New York of CUNY

    I am currently an assistant professor in the School of Education at City College in New York City.  My appointment is in the Childhood Education program in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture.  I have been at City College since September 2008.  My role in the school of education is Mathematics Education at not only the childhood education level but also at the early childhood and secondary levels.  My current research is in two areas: inclusive practices specific to mathematics content and pedagogy in an urban co-teaching environment and...

  • Urban Studies / Education
    Wellesley College and MIT

    Currently I teach  Education Theory and Practice courses in the Wellesley/MIT program, mentor the science students in the Wellesley program and teach chemistry at Westwood High School (suburban public high school).  In addition I conduct  AP chemistry teacher training workshops for the College Board.  I have served in a variety of capacities in my three decades of working in the education field.  These capacities include middle school science teacher, coach for middle school science teachers, administrator, member of AP Chemistry Redesign...

  • Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Gettysburg College
    I have been at Gettysburg College for seven years, and have been chair of the mathematics department for the last three. While I do not work on any specific pedagogy courses, I do teach the Abstract Algebra course which is required for math education students. Before coming to Gettysburg, I taught for three years at Columbia University and I did my graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania. I have also worked with both Project Kaleidescope and Project NExT.
  • Professor, Education
    Denison Universtiy

    Karen Graves is Professor and Chair of the Department of Education at Denison University. The Department embraces a liberal arts approach to the preparation of teachers, offering a curriculum rich in learning theory, social foundations of education, and field experience. Professor Graves began her career as a secondary school mathematics teacher. Her advanced study and research is in educational policy, specifically history of education. Currently, she is President of the History of Education Society (USA).

  • Director, Science Outreach Initiative
    University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences
    Jane Horwitz is the Director of the Science Outreach Initiative for the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, where she helps to link STEM faculty and other researchers to educational opportunities in K-12 schools and the community. The office grew out of the Penn Science Teacher Institute, an NSF-funded initiative offering masters degrees and other professional development opportunities for middle and high school science teachers. Prior to assuming this role, she led the Penn-Merck Collaborative for Science Education in the Graduate School of...
  • Director, Teacher Education Program, Education Department
    College of the Holy Cross

    Heather Johnson recently joined the Education Department at the College of the Holy Cross as the Director of the Teacher Education Program (TEP). She previously worked as a mathematics specialist at the Rhode Island Department of Education and as a mathematics teacher in the middle grades at The Learning Community, a K-8 charter school in Central Falls, RI. Her interests are in mathematics instruction and in the preparation of all teachers through meaningful field-based experiences and coaching.

  • Biology
    Brandeis Universtiy
    Professor Melissa Kosinski-Collins is an Associate Professor of Biology at Brandeis University. Professor Kosinski-Collins received her PhD from MIT studying protein folding and aggregation in the laboratory of Jonathan King. Professor Kosinski-Collins completed a post doc in Graham Walker‘s HHMI Education Group contributing to the development of tools, such as StarBiochem, for teaching undergraduate biology courses and interactive exercises for Experimental Biology (MIT course 7.02) and Introductory Biology (MIT course 7.01). Professor Kosinski-Col lins was the United...
  • Professor of Phyiscs
    College of the Holy Cross
    I am a professor of physics at Holy Cross. My work in STEM has been as a content “expert” and resource to K-12 teachers and teacher educators. I have developed and conducted workshops and programs for teachers based on my research with NASA on material physics conducted in low earth orbit. My teaching interests are in the introductory physics sequence, science literacy courses for non-science majors and thermal physics for physics majors. My current research interests are divided between dendritic solidification...
  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Graduate School of Education
    Fordham University
    Usha Kotelawala is the Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at Fordham University's Graduate School of Education.  She teaches courses in mathematics education for elementary and secondary teachers.  Her research has focused on applied mathematics, proving, and Lesson Study.  She began collecting interesting mathematics problems in the fourth grade and has never stopped.  She began teaching in a Catholic high school in the Seattle and then moved to teaching in the New York City public schools.  She also worked as a coach and lead coach...
  • Education
    Macalester College
    I currently serve as Professor and Chair of the Educational Studies Department at Macalester College. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Science Education (concentrations in biology and geology) from the University of Minnesota, masters degree in Alternative Education (emphasizing educational psychology, curriculum design, and school organization) from Indiana University, and Ph.D. in Social & Philosophic Foundations of Education (emphasizing the design of future cultural and educational systems) also from the University of Minnesota. Prior to coming to Macalester I...
  • Term Professor of Education and Director, Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program
    Bryn Mawr College

    Alice Lesnick is Term Professor of Education and Director of the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program, which offers programs for secondary teacher certification and a minor in educational studies. The Education Program also works with allied programs including the Teaching and Learning Initiative; the Minor in Child and Family Studies; the Concentration in Peace, Conflict, and Social Justice Studies; and the 360 program for interdisciplinary studies.  Alice is co-PI for Bryn Mawr's Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, past leader of...

  • Professor of the Practice in Education; Harry S. Levitan Director of the Education Program
    Brandeis University

    I began as a ninth grade history teacher in the Boston Public Schools, helped create a magnet school during desegregation, and chaired a middle school task force. I worked with others to create the Harvard Principals' Center, while I was studying for my doctorate. I then became the principal of Newton North (MA) High School from 1982 to 1990, and was superintendent of schools in the North Colonie (NY) School District from 1990-2001. Since 2001, I have been a Professor of the Practice in Education and the Harry S. Levitan Director of the Education Program at Brandeis...

  • Mathematics
    Denison Universtiy
    Although Denison University does not formally train STEM teachers, I am very interested in this important work. I have actively developed and shaped our mathematics curriculum at Denison to meet the needs of a wide range of students, including a novel approach to our first-year courses for majors, to the development of a yearlong sequence for pre-professional students. This fall I will co-direct a pilot program aimed at persistence in the sciences of our first-year students. I and a professor of chemistry will work with a cohort of 24 students in an entry level calculus...
  • Student Teacher Supervisor, Education Department, Math and Science
    Mills College

    I just retired from 22 years of teaching science and math in grades K-8 in Oakland Unified School District. Toward the end of this time I began taking Mills College student teachers. I loved the experience and the support from Mills staff, so when I retired I asked if I could work for Mills as a student teacher supervisor. They took me on, and Dr. Cossey invited me to accompany her to this CETE conference. I think my role here is to learn about the academic context and to find shared challenges and solutions. I was a science bug in K-12 who turned to the humanities,...

  • Assistant Professor of Biology
    Pomona College

    In a world that is growing increasingly complex, the ability to apply scientific thinking (or at least to understand what it is) to information evaluation and decision making can give meaning of one’s life and inspire greater responsibility in citizenship. As such, my goal as a science educator is not only to teach the history, facts and theories of science, but also, to build the critical thinking skills required for lifelong learning. I have worked with students in elementary school, high school, and college, and have found that providing interactive and inquiry-based...

  • Associate Professor of Psychology
    Wheaton College
    I have been actively involved in science education since I became a Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21st Century member in the early 1990's. I am an active member of the Council on Undergraduate Research, and teach an interdisciplinary science course for pre-service teachers developed collaboratively with education faculty, biology faculty, and in-service teachers with funds from one of the very last Eisenhower grants. I have participated in a number of STEM education reform/promotion efforts, and currently serve on the Advisory Board for the Southcoast Regional...
  • Education
    Bucknell Universtity
    Katharyn E. K. Nottis has a B.S. and M.S. in Education from SUNY Buffalo and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from SUNY Buffalo. She has both elementary and special education teacher certification. Dr. Nottis joined the Education department at Bucknell University in 1995. Prior to that, she was the Education Specialist at the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research at SUNY Buffalo. Dr. Nottis has regularly taught courses in Bucknell’s teacher certification program and developed a course for her department on Teaching Science in the Elementary School....
  • HS Mathematics Teacher
    A.B. Mathematics Bryn Mawr '08

    I graduated with a degree summa cum laude in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr in '08.  I have been working as a Mathematics Teacher at Bodine High School for International Affairs (a special admission school in the School District of Philadelphia) ever since.  While at Bryn Mawr I was active in the Education department, creating programs with the TLI and serving on the founding committee for the then Social Justice Pilot Program.  During my four years teaching, I have traveled to Mali and Nepal with students to build a school along side villagers through a...

  • Education
    University of Chicago

    Doug O'Roark is responsible for overseeing the training of secondary grade teachers in mathematics and science with the University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program. He participates in the design, implementation, assessment, and continuous improvement of the B.A./M.A.T. program in Secondary Mathematics and Science/Biology. In addition to managing and hiring program staff for this program, O'Roark collaborates with UEI staff, University faculty, and public school practitioners on a range of issues including, but not limited to, student recruitment and admissions...

  • Dept. Chair and Professor of Education
    Wheaton College
    Mary Lee is Chair and Professor of Education at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where she is a friend and supporter of active, engaged STEM education projects and initiatives, while teaching in her field, literacy. She teaches a number of literacy-related courses and supervises early childhood and elementary student teachers. In addition to an active teaching and research agenda – most recently focused on the impact of mindfulness and stabilized attention on readers and writers – Mary Lee regularly conducts workshops and teacher trainings in the U.S.A. and...
  • Education
    Gettysburg College
    I’m a former middle school and high school science and math teacher who is now working as a teacher educator at Gettysburg College. I’ve been teaching a combined K-12 math and science methods course since 2007, which is now shifting to a secondary-only focus due to changes in our program structure. I’ve also taught a First-Year Seminar on slipping American achievement in the sciences and spearheaded the adoption of the environmental education certificate on our campus. In my research, I’m interested in issues of STEM teacher recruitment and retention, particularly in urban...
  • Director of Student Teaching Program and Lecturer, Education Department
    Muhlenberg College

    Kim Marie Rohrbach earned her B.S. in Mathematics as well as her certification in Elementary Education and Secondary Mathematics Education as a 1992 graduate of Muhlenberg College.  She completed her M.Ed. in Secondary Curriculum and Instruction at Kutztown University in 1997.  She began teaching The Secondary School Curriculum for Mathematics for the Muhlenberg College Education Department part-time in 2001, while still teaching high school mathematics in the public school system.  In 2005, she left the high school classroom to...

  • Professor of Mathematics
    Pomona College

    I received a PhD in Mathematics from the University of California at Santa Cruz (1985-1989). I have bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics from the Humboldt State University in Arcata, California (1980-1984).

    I am currently a professor of mathematics at Pomona College. I have been at Pomona College since July of 1991. Prior to Pomona College, I had teaching and research post-docs at the University of California at Davis (1990-1991) and University of Utah in Salt Lake City (1989-1990).

    Pomona College does not have a teacher education...

  • Professor, Educational Studies
    Swarthmore College

    Lisa Smulyan is Professor of Educational Studies at Swarthmore College, where she teaches courses in educational foundations, adolescence, gender and education, and comparative education. Her publications include Balancing Acts: Women Principals at Work; Collaborative Action Research: A Developmental Process; and several articles. Her research focuses on teacher leadership, classroom-based research with teachers, life/case history as a basis for understanding school practice, and investigations into the role of gender in teachers’ and administrators’ work experience....

  • Professor, Mathematics
    Vassar College

    I was an undergraduate at Wesleyan University and earned my Ph.D. in mathematical logic at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. At Vassar, I have chaired the mathematics department and served as associate dean of the faculty. I am the principal investigator on Vassar's NSF Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program grant. I also am the secretary-treasurer of both the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) and the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL). I have long been interested in STEM education in high-need districts, and created and have directed for seventeen...

  • Director of the Science Center
    Wellesley College

    Prior to moving into an administrative position at Wellesley College, Cathy worked for 15 years in teacher preparation at Winona State University (WSU) in Minnesota. There she developed an integrated STEM education program for pre-service elementary educators, and an earth-and-space-science program for middle- and high-school level teachers. She has worked closely with the Science Museum of Minnesota to offer professional development focused on STEM integration and cultural competency for in-service teachers and College and University STEM faculty. Summa currently...

  • Biology
    Williams College
    I am a metabolic / cardiovascular physiologist and currently chair of the biology department at Williams College. I am interested in filling our void of STEM preparation for our majors. We have numerous opportunities for teaching science at elementary schools, but currently no formal training from our department.
  • Senior Lecturer in Physics
    I am a physicist by training, and have become very interested in education through my experience in teaching at Bowdoin. I often teach introductory physics classes where students arrive with diverse backgrounds and preparation, and although I find it an interesting challenge to meet the variety of needs in my classes, I have become very aware of the necessity for better math and science teaching in high schools (and earlier). Although I have no official education credentials (other than auditing an Education 101 class a year ago) I hope to work with our Education...
  • Associate Dean and Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Education, Union Graduate College
    Union Graduate College
    I have been in my current position for five years. I team teach a summer general methods course for all of our MAT students, teach an assessment seminar for STEM students, teach a STEM theories course where students develop and make presentations that infuse disciplinary historical and philosophical content into their lessons, teach a school reform seminar for a mix of MAT students, and advise students in completing MAT theses and projects. Since we are a small graduate school of education, I also have substantial administrative responsibilities in regards to admissions...