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Melissa Kosinski-Collins

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Melissa Kosinski-Collins
Brandeis Universtiy

Professor Melissa Kosinski-Collins is an Associate Professor of Biology at Brandeis University. Professor Kosinski-Collins received her PhD from MIT studying protein folding and aggregation in the laboratory of Jonathan King. Professor Kosinski-Collins completed a post doc in Graham Walker‘s HHMI Education Group contributing to the development of tools, such as StarBiochem, for teaching undergraduate biology courses and interactive exercises for Experimental Biology (MIT course 7.02) and Introductory Biology (MIT course 7.01). Professor Kosinski-Col lins was the United States Academic Coordinator of the Biology Olympiad program for three years and is currently the editor-in-chief of the Atlas Journal of Science Education. At Brandeis, Professor Kosinski-Collins has redesigned and taught a variety of courses including the introductory biology laboratory series, non-majors courses on protein folding diseases, graduate classes in protein structure and molecular biology and education courses on assessment and learning in science education. Professor Kosinski-Collins received the Louis Dembitz Brandeis Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 2011 and is currently the MRSEC Director of Education and Outreach.