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Daniel Bisaccio

Daniel Bisaccio's picture
Daniel Bisaccio
Director of Science Education Education Department
Brown University

Dan Bisaccio was hired by Brown University’s Education Department in March, 2008 and is the graduate Director of Science Education (Master of Arts in Teaching) and lecturer in education. Prior to joining Brown University’s Education Department, Dan Bisaccio was hired as the Math/ Science/ Technology Division Head charged to develop and implement a program to meet the needs of all students for the 21st Century at Souhegan High School (a public school in Amherst, New Hampshire). SHS has received a number of state and national awards for offering public school students’ authentic research and interdisciplinary opportunities in academic areas as well for developing a science program that has 90% of all students graduating with at least 4 years of science credits. At SHS, Dan has taught advanced biology, tropical ecology, and a Conservation Biology & Literature senior seminar as well as developing and teaching ongoing professional development workshops for teachers and interns. Dan also leads a number of professional institutes for science teachers around the nation annually. His teaching methodology and research has been highlighted in several books, on National Public Radio, and on a CBS TV special focused on public education. He was an adjunct faculty member at Keene State College where he taught geology for eighteen years and continues at Northeastern University teaching a tropical terrestrial ecology course at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute / Panama each February. Dan’s on-going research with the Smithsonian Institution’s Biodiversity & Monitoring Program involves secondary, college students, and teachers with authentic field research opportunities at several tropical sites in Central and South America. His work has been recognized by the United Nations Environmental Program (Convention on Biological Diversity) where he is an active contributor to their international biological diversity education outreach committee and has presented, with his students, pedagogical as well as biological research at United Nations Conferences on Biological Diversity (Montreal, CA – May, 2007; May, 2008 -Bonn, Germany). Dan has been the recipient of many national, state, regional teaching awards – including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching as well as authoring several articles on educational pedagogy and practice.

Subject Areas of Interest:
  • biology
  • computer science
  • engineering
  • environmental science
  • physics

Education Areas of Interest:
  • science content-specific pedagogy courses
  • social justice education
  • education in high need schools
  • urban education
  • interdisciplinary approaches
  • project-based learning
  • global/international education