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Lorde is winning!

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After hearing Lorde's point of view on silence I completely agree with her. If we remain silent than we will never be able to connect with others and our shared experiences WE will loose the power to have an opinion and express what we think is right and what’s wrong. If we stay silent no one will ever know what we think or what’s important to us. The power of speaking is being able to pick what you say and own it. One can either limit themselves or be as open as they want. But if one doesn't speak then they loose that power to choose what’s being spoken. Instead of others criticizing their speech we’ll just criticize their silence.

“I have come to believe that is what’s more important must be spoken even at the risk that it is misunderstood or abused. Speaking profits me beyond any other effect”  – Lorde

As Lorde stated having the ability to speak is important. Although I do see the power in silence it seems even more powerful to speak up and not be imprisoned by my thoughts, guilts and regrets. Why do you think solitary confinement is so controversial? Silence and loneliness kills. It’s seen as a punishment. It slowly breaks down a person so why stay quiet if you have valuable thoughts and opinions? Why punish yourself? It may be because of the stigma and fear of others around you like Brown argues but everyone’s voice is worth being heard. I'm not saying we need to speak all the time or express our emotions and opinions at every single momment. Its okay to want to observe and take in information sometimes. 


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I also agree with Lorde. One

I also agree with Lorde. One must take the risk of speaking if they want their needs to be heard and concerns addressed. Even if they are misunderstood, speaking further can help clarify and fix misinterpretations.