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Maud Lavin on Hannah Hoch, Utopia appears in another class

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I was doing reading for another class of mine, Body Politics with Professor of Hist. of Art Lisa Saltzman, and I noticed an incredible amount of references to utopias etc etc.

This piece is by Maud Lavin on Dada Arist Hannah Hoch and her conception of Weimar Germany's, "New Woman" through her photocollages. Starting on page 338 at the top and continuing onto the next page where the article ends the text is ripe with entagled gen/sex themes from our course.

I attached the pdf. below in case some of you were interested. But to start you off here a Lavin quote from the article...

pg 338 "Hoch created alienating effects by using the practice of photomontage to juxtapose the beautiful and the ugle, the feminine and the masculine, the witty and violent. Hers was a disquieting mix of utopianism and anxiety."


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