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Feminism Jeopardy Teach-In

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We are going to play Feminism Jeopardy!!

If you can get  into your Teach-In groups and that will be your team.

1 team starts and they choose a category and a point value. They have 30 seconds to answer the question.

You must answer it in question form.

If the team does not get the answer in 30 seconds it will default to the next team.

Whoever has the most points at the end wins.


We wanted this to be an all-inclusive exercise. We tried to make it as fair as possible and accessible for all teams. We wanted to include a lot of theory, but also supplement that knowledge with how it was applied in class. We realize it is not fully accessible for everybody, but by taking this class we learned that it is a continuous learning process. Everybody defines feminism, accessibility, intersectionality, etc. differently and so we learn from each other. From this process we hope to not only think about the theories, but think about the different ways in which our classmates define and think about the theories so that maybe we will think about them in different ways that we have not thought about before. This is one of the main things we learned from this class.




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Our Group

I really enjoyed my group and working on this together with them. Once we had the idea of doing a feminism trivia game, we met over the weekend and planned out our questions and answers and the rules. Our work was cohesive and productive. The beginning of the game was a bit rocky, but we rebounded from our technological setbacks and were effective in our hosting and facilitating of the game. I think that everyone ended up having a good time, and I'm happy that we could create a space that was as fair and all-inclusive as possible.

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Small groups

This was an exercise I really enjoyed. During the class I always enjoyed the small groups. I was someone who had an easier time sharing my ideas and contributing in that format. It was nice then to have a project using small groups where we could really be creative. I think that it was a nice end to the class to go over what we had learned and it made the material more accessible. Our group was the largest but I think that it worked well. We all were able to contribute and make up questions and help figure out what were most important elements to the class were to us. I found the format of jeopardy interesting because it wouldn’t work for a lot of what we discussed in class. Every question had to have one right answer and there was not a large amount of room for discussion.  We discussed how we should call on people or if we should use crip time. We structured the order of so that it would be fair and that all could be included even if they are not as quick to raise their hand. 

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making the game fair

We decided to have each team pick and answer their own question,instead of having the question be open to all the groups and see who gets the answer first.  We decided to do this because we felt it was more fair and we are aware that people process information at different speeds and not everyone is a quick thinker.  We tried to make rthe game as accesible and fair as possible.