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The finale

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Today, we had the first three groups of our final presenations each lead a teach-in. I found the experience fascianting, not only my own presentation, but also the others. It was the begining of the cultimation of teh semester, however each group chose to illustrate it. My group addressed how we each have our own types of feminism, that we create. From this basis we constructed maps of feminism. Not only did I have lots of fun with glitter, paint, and patterned paper in my room; I also learnt a lot while doing it! I learnt a lot about myself and about what I have learned/will take from this class. Before taking this class, I'd never taken a gender and sexuality class at Bryn Mawr. Truthfully I only enrolled because I needed an English class to fulfill a requirement and this one fit with my schedule. But I'm glad I took this class! I wouldn't change my choice. I leave this class with more understanding, more answers, and most of all more questions on feminism, gender, and sexuality. I'm glad I spent a semester with y'all learning, questioning, and exploring! I hope to find time in my remaining three semesters to take another gender and sexuality course. Yet in the short-term because I can barely see past next week right now, I'm excited for the final three presentations on Thursday!

Oh and I'm attaching images of my two maps for y'all to look at up close!



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Making my own map, I learned

Making my own map, I learned a lot about how my views of feminism have changed since I started taking this class. My own map, which unfortunately I do not have with me to post a picture of, mostly represents intersectionality and the way different parts of identity politics connect - which I did not consider a major part of feminism until now. It also made me think about the beginning of class when we were dissecting gender - I hadn't thought about gender as a very complex thing until I took this class, but when I was starting with my map, I knew I should start with gender - and had no idea what to draw. It was only through its connections to all these different parts of my feminism that I could come up with something coherent, which I think is a good metaphor for my experience in this class.