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Self-introduction and Creation Myths

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Hi Everyone,

This is Aijingwen Li. I am a fan of biology and  chemistry and I have studied biology for around 4 years. Actually before taking this seminar, I have never really done a thorough research on evolution and never heard of the term called creationism. I simply studied what was taught on the textbook and I deeply believed in the concepts of Neo-Darwinism. However,  after studying the definition of creationism, I think that creationism is a belief which I disagree with. I have to admit that both evolution theory and creationism are so-called stories. However, the creationism is not supported by data and evidence. Hence, from my point of view, the creationism is just imagination.  Somebody may argue that evolution theory is not perfect and well-explained and there are many controversies pertaining to the process of evolution. It is also well-known that scientists prefer to point to the examples of birds and moths as proof of the theory, they often refuse to use some other examples which are contradictory to evolution.  Actually I agree with this statement. So to a certain extent, evolution theory is also a well-constructive story.  I am really confused now. What I am thinking is that if there are flaws or controversies existed in the concept of evolution, why are we studying it? We don't really know how to tell which is right or which is wrong. Dose that mean we as college students need to do our own experiments to search for truth?

Oh, I forgot to introduce the creation myths that I found from the internet. It is a creation myths from Philippines. I used to study and live in Singapore for 5 years and heard many malay fork stories. I think that Southeast Asians have very unique cultures. This creation myths is very interesting and informative. I love this story, especially the part which explains the reasons for human skin color.

Here is the Link:


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Creation Myths

Hi, I'm Christine, and I was raised without religion.  My dad believes in the teachings of Buddha, Dao, and Confucius to be the best way to live life, and he has passed on those teachings to me.  I was taught to grow up and be the best person I can be.

For the longest time, I have never heard of any creation myths.  I read the Adam & Eve story designed for toddlers for the first time when I was fourteen years old.  It was something to pass the time at a store while my mom shopped.

I asked my dad if he could tell me any creation myths.  He couldn't.  He didn't know any.  He reminded me that long ago, Asian people did not have a religion.  They went by the three philosophical traditions that guides them to the "way of life" and connects them to nature.

Then he started talking about the Big Bang Theory... ?  It's late at night.  I think he just wanted me to go to bed.

I read the creation myth titled Ainu.  I assume it's an African language meaning "People".  It's a short story of how the earth and its inhabitants came to be.  It explains in short details about how human characteristics came to existence.

This story inspires me to draw out the scenes.  When I think of anything African, I think of bright colors.  I love making art out of bright colors.


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