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Anne and Dawn In-class Presentation Follow-up Part 1

Here are about half the typed responses to our presentation prompt, I found reading through them very interesting and enlightening. One of the most common themes seemed to be the color of the walls, variations on yellow, I didn't realize the walls were so interesting. There should be images of those responses that involved formatted words or pictures, however I've been having trouble uploading images recently.


Text of formatted responses:


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The Ouroboros

   Though this is a bit delayed, (I've finally learned how to post the video I wanted to post) I wanted to have a quick discussion on the Ouroboros. I've been rather curious about it even since we briefly discussed it in class earlier. When I think of the ouroboros, the ouroboros seems like an ominous symbol used by cults where the members, shrouded in dark cloaks, stand around a pit of fire and chant songs in Latin. I've become especially interested in the history of the ouroboros to see where it came from and what it even means. 

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Chorost & a Continuation of Teknolust

Our in class conversation on Monday with author Michael Chorost's skype was certainly dynamic. Although I enjoyed the topics discussed, I found that at one point I asked the wrong question and didn't get the more appropriate one across. If I could get the chance to speak with Chorost again, I'd ask him the following:

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Gender and history

 I was reflecting on the Top Secret Rosies documentary we saw at the BMFI. It is rather surprising in a sad way how women have always been discriminated against throughout history and until this day, gender is something we, humans have not gotten to a unanimous agreement upon in regards to equality and fairness. It goes back to the categories we tend to make, everything is categorized and put under a label, jobs, clothing, appearance, colors, wages, and decision making in some places. Top Secret rosies showed how women have played an incredible role during the war, a role they still have not been fully recognized for. Before the war, during the  war, and throughout time, women have not been treated fairly, and the world have gotten away with it.

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Why you so obsessed with me?

 After watching and discussing Conceiving Ada all I could think about was obsession. Emmy was pretty obsessed with Ada, let's be honest. She was fascinated with her life, and her influence on technology as we know it, so much so that Emmy ended up literally conceiving Ada, giving birth to a "reincarnation" of her or however you'd like to phrase it. Taking a step back, I found myself comparing Emmy's "obsession" with Ada to technology addiction today. Many scientists are suggesting that the addiction to technology is an actual psychological disorder, not just a social problem. 

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Interpreting GIST & Ada/ Questioning our Survival

So this week I'm supposed to post information about the historical or contemporary difference(s) technology makes. Well…. This week’s discussion of Conceiving Ada was interesting. I was pleasantly surprised that the class picked up on different aspects of the movie. Our minds are trained to think in such various ways that I do not why I’m surprised when people don’t think like me and vice versa. It’s funny how some of us had expectations based on what we wanted to see versus being open to interpreting the movie entirely, whether based on our training our academic expertise or not.

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Video- Information R/evolvtion

 This is an amazing video that seems tailor made for this class


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Generational Multi-tasking Aptitude

Ahhh, where to begin?! This week’s transition from focusing on gender to information was a very demanding one for me. Thinking about binaries, gender identity and their relationship with technology feels more natural to me compared to making abstract philosophical debates regarding the processing of information. Both class and the Rowe, Grobstein and Hayles readings have given me a headache. (in a good way)

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Catagories in Computer Science

After we talked about gender categories in class, I found myself thinking about this interesting speculation on the nature of computer programs used to store information about marriages.

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