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Chorost & a Continuation of Teknolust

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Our in class conversation on Monday with author Michael Chorost's skype was certainly dynamic. Although I enjoyed the topics discussed, I found that at one point I asked the wrong question and didn't get the more appropriate one across. If I could get the chance to speak with Chorost again, I'd ask him the following:

1. Could intelligence emerge from interlinkage of computers and humans? (Chapter 11 analysis)

This question makes me think about the jeopardy computer (where the computer competes against real life members, and the computer processes by sound… it's supposedly one of the fastest thinking computers acting against natural contestants on jeopardy). 

2.In terms of the interlinkage of physical and digital humans within a space, what do you think of the concept of perfection and survival within these digital and “real” worlds? (example: I think it was on 60 minutes that a man aimed to create a hologram of himself so future generations could access it where he could answer questions about himself in real voice (which deals with image capturing, computer graphics and voice response)

3. What is your critique of the cosmetic notion of perfection? (ex: making prosthetics/ robotic prosthetics or technology- like robots, look more human> can also look into the sony robot)

Now... on to Teknolust!

Teknolust was a fascinating medium through which we not only could understand the intractions of Gender, Information, Science and Technology, but also the meaning of symbolic interactionism where humans learn how to behave through their culture. One of my favorite parts of the film was Rosetta's questioning of how we can patent life, in reference to her cloning program. Everything in this film is ironic; Rosetta Stone's character name, Sandy's character (who makes copies and is fascinated by imperfect ones) interaction with the clone Ruby (who behaves like the leader of her clan), and the interaction of the clones in struggling for individuation, when it is human nature to individuate.

One of the last comments made in the film is " Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Real is your second nature..."

Does this mean it's impossible for humans to be real because we tend to aspire towards trends already set, or try to individuate from already existing trends?




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