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Class notes, 3-14

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Notes 3-14

Liz arrived, asked us about break.
Anne isn't here today.

New Section of course!
Gender and Science

Look at pics from wed's panel. Look at postings.
Alex: Hist figures wanted to change stereotypes, imaginary enforced them.
MSA 322: Discrimination against women not stressed until recently.
sprestion: Nice to know what's expected, sometimes.
jlebouvier: In panel, hist were female. I think society sees doers as masculine.

Try to respond to more posts, rather than create new ones.

Interesting intersections, rather than cover everything.

Split into small groups to answer questions. Daisies, Morning Glories, Roses, Poppies, Sunflowers.

Reporting from small groups

Daisies: grounded in bio, combination of women's studies and sciences, critiquing, bio binary

Morning Glories: I was talking, could not talk and write.

Poppies: fem science hard to define, covers many areas. Creating new ways of thinking. Roses: Transition from critique to creation. New graph, with axis of feminism and sciences. too many things for natural to define. Critique drives creation.

Sunflowers: Rather than funneling one direction, where are useful leaks?

How many themes? 6
lenses of feminism apply to many fields.

Bio determinism --> crosses with Joan Roughgarden's critique of Darwin's sexual selection.

Our feelings about science:
Alex is science major- sees everything through it.
Aybala - science is impossible to escape.
Isabel - resists science, but comes back to it (rubber band).
Marella - it is ruler that you can twist
Maria - spectator
Like  psycology, but don't want to be in lab. Finding answers vs. asking questions
Moona has distinction between bio and compsci. bio is studying, compsci is creativity.



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