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First Post: Introduction

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Hello, my name is Cara Takemoto. I'm a junior and a Computer Science major, Japanese minor from Wilmington, Delaware. I have tried and failed at both knitting and crocheting, however this winter break I tried my hand at sewing to find that I really enjoy it. I also like to read and write though I haven't had much time to do either for fun in awhile. Now, for the most part, I buy way too many books that look interesting and make it part way through all of them.

I would say the computer, and the internet in particular, have become a very integral part of my life. I don't remember how old I was when I first started using the computer, but I remember getting my first email address. I didn't really use it too much at first, and I remember wanting to use the internet but not really having any idea of what to do. Now, I use it for so many things, researching, socializing, procrastinating, studying, reading the news, shopping, playing games, it's harder to think of sections of my life that aren't at least somewhat 'wired'.

I think the internet has really allowed me a much greater access to information and different view points and opinions that I might not have otherwise encountered, which I think is indispensable. However, one drawback of my interactions with the internet would probably be that I think it has definitely contributed to the decline in the amount of books I read, and the number of distractions it provides. It's interesting how when I go off the grid and take the time to focus on something else for awhile how much I don't miss it.