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Cauleen Smith

“Cauleen Smith was born in Riverside, California and grew up in the Sacramento area. She completed her B.A. at San Francisco State University in 1991 and her M.F.A. in Film at UCLA in 1998. Her feature length film Drylongso received a lot of attention after its showing at the Sundance Film Festival. It earned Smith the Movado Someone to Watch Award as well as Best Feature Film at the Urbanworld Film Festival and the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival in 2000. Since then she has been very busy, completing many films including The Fullness of Time which was filmed in New Orleans only two years after Hurricane Katrina hit. Her most recent project is an experimental documentary about the late Chicago-based jazz artist Sun-Ra, whose eclectic style changed the Chicago jazz scene forever. Smith teaches in the Visual Arts department at the University of California, San Diego and continues to write, direct, and produce.” ("IMDB" -

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