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Gender and history

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 I was reflecting on the Top Secret Rosies documentary we saw at the BMFI. It is rather surprising in a sad way how women have always been discriminated against throughout history and until this day, gender is something we, humans have not gotten to a unanimous agreement upon in regards to equality and fairness. It goes back to the categories we tend to make, everything is categorized and put under a label, jobs, clothing, appearance, colors, wages, and decision making in some places. Top Secret rosies showed how women have played an incredible role during the war, a role they still have not been fully recognized for. Before the war, during the  war, and throughout time, women have not been treated fairly, and the world have gotten away with it. I must say, the documentary was very emotional for me, it showed how cruel humans could be, how numb we could be, we could just turn our feelings off, as if we were machines,,,but wait, would that mean that there really isn't a difference between the machine and us, now? ...Or even since forever? Has the machine been a part of us since the beginning of eternity?



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