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Anne and Dawn In-class Presentation Follow-up Part 1

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Here are about half the typed responses to our presentation prompt, I found reading through them very interesting and enlightening. One of the most common themes seemed to be the color of the walls, variations on yellow, I didn't realize the walls were so interesting. There should be images of those responses that involved formatted words or pictures, however I've been having trouble uploading images recently.


Text of formatted responses:


Yellow Highlighter:

Open cozy inquisitive fireplaces humming of a.c. wooden doors painted-over outlets distant yellow walls friendly homey red moldings large windows spacious quaint


Two black columns:

outside window green rainy humid leaves breeze movement wind manage forest flutter cloud trees sun shine


Diagonal List:

Pigeon noises listen to giggles moles buzz moles so many students here stillness sniffle blurry lots of cookies left exit hair smiles gum glasses hooks on wall essays


Poetry-like Assembly:

beads of black chairs circle empty space punctured by the projector beyond the radiator the yellow walls yawning windows shattered leaves glisten canopy limbs roots release



And the text (as well as I could read everyone's handwriting) from the rest:


4x6 White Paper – Pencil:

Hesitation surrounds and I’m up literally and in other ways what do you make of that? Too much too little not anything? Cast iron heat beating down retreat try again and we’re here literally and more


Orange Note Card:

The natural light in EHLEC is so much more helpful than the dull glare of the lights overhead with windows surrounding us, I feel both exposed to the outside world and closer to it the beauty I can see from where I sit safe dry and warm acts as a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be at BMC


Bright Green Note Card – not lined side:

English house is exactly as it sounds a building which was once a home but now contains the classroom and offices for the English faculty of Bryn Mawr this lends it an air of slight gentility and eccentricity most of the rooms in English House are oddly shaped for classrooms too long too narrow ect it also has three bathrooms one on each level the downside to its having been a former house efforts have been made to make the interior more classroom-like the walls are painted tones of yellow and off white


Bright Green Note Card – lined side:

This is some of the most attractive paint I have ever seen I’ll say that it could perhaps be classified as banana cream pie with a bit too much cream…it almost reminds me of an old southern kitchen with flies buzzing around in a frantic aimless way but the red trim and crown molding suddenly makes it more elegant it’s like a man in a khaki suit ordering a meal at a four-star restaurant in Sri-Lanka with Perrier instead of water


Yellow Note Card:

As you walk into English House there’s a class on the right getting ready to leave while the secretary works to the left. You continue to the evolit classroom and see a bunch of people already sitting the projector is on and people are getting ready for their presentations Anne and Paul walk in carrying a bag full of delicious treats for the class.


4x6 White Paper – Dark Black Pen:

Yellow wall with yellow and red accents above dirty patterned carpet students writing while Anne talks, someone with a magnifying glass, cookies and oranges on the table at the back, screensaver on the screen in the front windows are unopened and I don’t know what to write. My head ache, from the weather changes and I’ve been eating the cookie because they are good and I skipped lunch. Presentations make me nervous, I think my legs were shaking during mine. I hear other people writing and the slap of someone’s shoes.


4x6 White Paper - Red Pen:

The entrance to the room is singular, no partite plane here the rear porch, attached directly behind the focal point of the shrine is an interesting design element. The inclusion of windows is clearly Hittite, but their symmetry screams Greek. The wall paintings are Etruscan, obviously used to enforce the idea of structure.


4x6 Paper – Pencil:

There are clementines and peels on the desks. The room also smells like citrus there is a paper-mache pigeon on a desk there are fake colorful tattoos on my wrist which I am watching as I write. Some people are wandering the room. There are colorful cups on the windowsill. There are cookies on the table. I want one. The room is yellow with a Frank Lloyd Wright red on the molding of the ceiling.


Long thin white paper:

Clementine peels are patiently sitting on black desks. Some of the desks are empty, but many of them are filled with students quietly writing. There is a large projector in the middle of the room casting a picture of the universe on a projector screen. Many of the blinds are open, and sunshine has made its way into the class from nine windows.


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