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Video- Information R/evolvtion

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 This is an amazing video that seems tailor made for this class




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This is really cool, but it

This is really cool, but it felt so sped up that if I didn't give it my undivided attention, I would miss something. Speed is an interesting technique for grabbing attention.

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I agree.  That is one of the

I agree.  That is one of the reasons I like it.  It seems to show, in its form, the pace of digital or hyper reading vs. close reading.  Even if it is extreme, to shift from the latter to the former can feel dizzying and disorienting.

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In class you said that you

In class you said that you normally (by habit?) try to close read everything--is close reading possible when a hyper reading speed is imposed on you? Do you think there's a place where they blend and you can do a little of both? Or do you miss what's going on when you try to close read because that takes place at a naturally slower pace...?

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