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Jody Cohen

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Jody Cohen
Bryn Mawr College

A faculty member in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program, Jody Cohen’s interests include urban education, multicultural education, and education for ecological literacy, with a focus on linkages between identity, equity, and schooling. She has been deeply involved with the evolution of Bryn Mawr’s 360°, a program that involves professors and students in an interdisciplinary cluster of courses focused on a shared theme, and recently she contributed to the 360° “Perspectives on Sustainability.” Jody is a longtime teacher of writing, the mentor to two Posses at Bryn Mawr (the national Posse Program supports young people selected on a leadership scholarship to attend college), and a co-founder of the Social Justice Partnership Program, a student-driven initiative that supports dialogue around diversity and justice in the college community. Jody was a founding member of Research for Action, an educational research organization based in Philadelphia and committed to doing research and program evaluation with the goal of increasing equity in education. Jody’s research, presentations, and publications focus on community-based partnerships between colleges and urban schools and on the impact of curricular and co-curricular programming on undergraduates’ experiences and conceptions of intellectual community and diversity.