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Kathleen Morgan

Kathleen Morgan's picture
Kathleen Morgan
Associate Professor of Psychology
Wheaton College

I have been actively involved in science education since I became a Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21st Century member in the early 1990's. I am an active member of the Council on Undergraduate Research, and teach an interdisciplinary science course for pre-service teachers developed collaboratively with education faculty, biology faculty, and in-service teachers with funds from one of the very last Eisenhower grants. I have participated in a number of STEM education reform/promotion efforts, and currently serve on the Advisory Board for the Southcoast Regional STEM Education Network in the state of Massachusetts.

Subject Areas of Interest:
  • biology
  • environmental science
  • psychology

Education Areas of Interest:
  • science content-specific pedagogy courses
  • interdisciplinary approaches
  • project-based learning
  • gender and education
  • recruitment
  • retention