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Doug O'Roark

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Doug O'Roark
University of Chicago

Doug O'Roark is responsible for overseeing the training of secondary grade teachers in mathematics and science with the University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program. He participates in the design, implementation, assessment, and continuous improvement of the B.A./M.A.T. program in Secondary Mathematics and Science/Biology. In addition to managing and hiring program staff for this program, O'Roark collaborates with UEI staff, University faculty, and public school practitioners on a range of issues including, but not limited to, student recruitment and admissions, student financial aid, program design, and teaching or co-teaching of select program courses during the first ("Foundations of Education") and the second ("Internship") years of the program. He also directs the Summer Accelerated Math Camp for middle and high school students. O'Roark was previously the mathematics department chair and seminar program director at Walter Payton College Prep High School. O'Roark has been honored with multiple awards including The Edyth May Sliffe Award (MAA national award); T.E. Rine Award (Illinois Math Teacher of the Year); and named awards from the City of Chicago Math League and Walter Payton College Prep.