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Watching F for Fake

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When I was watching F is for Fake I found that it was confusing to pick apart the story. There were all these people that were supposed to be connected to one another in some way (including Orson Welles own story) and I didn’t see the connection. At some point in the movie, the painter “a fake faker” which was hard to process before the next scene came up.


I do watch reality TV for entertainment but while this mock-documentary used similar camera angles/shifts, the plot/story was not made clear to the viewers.



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 I totally agree. This

 I totally agree. This "mock-documentary" was very hard to follow for me and I think I missed the whole concept of this film. I did not get what I would imagine Orson Welles would want me to get out of this film because I could not follow it. I was not tricked because I could not trust what he was saying, let alone understand what he was trying to say. 

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