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Life's a great balancing act!

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 Clark describes “scaffolding” as the support system offered by technology to people. Interestingly, when Clark speaks to a colleague about his research, he learns about cognitive scaffolding. Here, technology acts as a memory support which debilitates our memories. For instance, a cell phone now has the ability to keep one’s schedule and to even remind them before the event occurs. This “scaffold” has enabled people to keep their appointments and be on time however, if their technology fails, their world comes crashing down. Clark tells us to forget the fear of a world where technology takes over by using the phrase post human. But my question is a world that is fully technologically integrated be such a great thing? As stated earlier, human beings have become more forgetful due to their reliance on technology.

I do not believe that fully integrating with technology as referenced in Clark’s futuristic diary is such a great idea. Our constitution has shown us the need for local government as well as national. Technology, being as integrated and worldly as it is, will create antisocial people who can’t do the most simplest of task without assistance. However, the power and influence of technology cannot be denied. I believe that life is a great balancing act and it is the responsibility of people to find just that.





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