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Julie Dash

Julie Dash is a renowned African-American filmmaker, born and raised in New York City. In the 1970s, she studied film at the American Film Institute and attended the film school of UCLA. Dash was a major aspect of the L.A. Film Rebellion, a new generation of filmmakers who attended UCLA film school between the late 1967 and 1989 whose films created the genre of "Black Cinema". Dash is also known for her critically acclaimed short film Illusions (1982). Illusions won the Jury Prize for the Best Film of the Decade from the Black Filmmakers Foundation, while the debut of Daughters of the Dust earned Dash the title of being the first African-American woman to have a full-length theatrically released film in America. Dash has directed television films and music videos and has found the time to lecture at many universities across America. 

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Winston Burris/PR Photos