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Sandy Fillebrown

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Sandy Fillebrown
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Saint Joseph's University

After receiving an M.Ed. from Tufts University I taught high school math for several years in the Boston area, but eventually returned to school and earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Lehigh University. I have been in the Mathematics Department at SJU ever since.

I direct our 5-year program leading to a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Secondary Mathematics Education for our math majors interested in teaching high school math. I am also the coordinator for mathematics content courses for pre-service elementary and middle school teachers.

I am currently involved with two Noyce grants aimed at increasing the number of highly qualified math and science teachers in high needs schools.

Subject Areas of Interest:
  • math

Education Areas of Interest:
  • math content-specific pedagogy courses
  • education in high need schools
  • interdisciplinary approaches