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Katheryn Nottis

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Katheryn Nottis
Bucknell Universtity

Katharyn E. K. Nottis has a B.S. and M.S. in Education from SUNY Buffalo and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from SUNY Buffalo. She has both elementary and special education teacher certification. Dr. Nottis joined the Education department at Bucknell University in 1995. Prior to that, she was the Education Specialist at the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research at SUNY Buffalo. Dr. Nottis has regularly taught courses in Bucknell’s teacher certification program and developed a course for her department on Teaching Science in the Elementary School. An ecosystem project assignment in that course led to the design of still another course, Teaching in Diverse Environments, where Bucknell students teach a topic in environmental science to Old Order Mennonite and New Order Amish students in one-room buggy schools. In 2004, Dr. Nottis received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching at Bucknell University. Dr. Nottis’s research has primarily concentrated on meaningful learning in science and engineering education from the perspective of Human Constructivism. She is committed to collaborative research projects and has partnered with researchers in seismology, chemistry and chemical engineering. Currently, she is involved in an examination of the learning of concepts in heat transfer and thermodynamics in chemical engineering. One of her research publications won the Hutchison Medal for Best Educational Paper of 2009 from the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) with Professors M. E. Vigeant and M. J. Prince.