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After the workshop I realized that our ESem needs to be bigger. There were so many ideas and thoughts that people had that I never thought about. It seemed like the workshop gave people and opportunity to vocalize their thoughts about class if they never had the chance before. A constant theme that stood out was the idea to keep a continuing dialogue and make these issues known and take them head on. One idea that stood out to me was the idea to talk about class during Customs Week so freshman could have the opportunity to understand what they may see while here at Bryn Mawr. Initially I was all for this idea and I still believe that this is a great idea, but it may also be too much for an incoming freshman to discuss her first week here. If this idea is incorporated into Customs Week, I think it would most likely be a one way dialogue because many freshmen may find it difficult to discuss class their first week here. I know I was shy or afraid to speak up about anything my first week here, let alone class. I think a continuation of this ESem is one way to continue the dialogue. This is the first year this class was available and it had come such a long way since the first day. The workshop brought our ideas to a greater community of Bryn Mawr. In years to come, the participants of this class will hopefully bring to light the issues of class to their peers and take these issues head on as our class does.


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I agree about how many things

I agree about how many things came to light with such a large group of people. I found it interesting how even students who come from similair backgrounds had different opinions about what was being discussed.