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Introduction about myself

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I am Ngoc Nguyen. My English name is Nancy. I was born and grew up in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Before coming to the US, I studied IB in New Zealand for two years. I intended to major in Economics and minor in Educational studies. My dream is making education reform or creating a school on my own. Besides these two subjects, I am also interested in

I am glad to be a part of In class/out classed seminar this semester. Education is the thing I am always interested in for a long time. My grandfather, my mother and all of my aunts are teachers so educational topics are always concerned and discussed in my family. I hope I can bring a different perspective to the discussions in the class. I want to find out how class issues are related to American educational system. I want to kow whether they are applicable to the education system in my country.  I desire to learn more from my professor and classmates.


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my name is shaira s.verbo.I was born on april 26,2005 .im 9 years old i'm lived in km 12.sasa davao city i'me