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Welcome to Serendip Studio, a digital ecosystem for exploring. We're glad you stopped by, and hope that you will stay to collaborate with fellow travelers, who are asking questions that have no boundaries.  There are plenty of websites out there which will tell you what to think; Serendip instead aims at helping you to think for yourself, in the process formulating new questions and new directions for exploration. Nothing on Serendip is "authoritative," but there is lots here that you can learn from and contribute to. Need a few pointers to get started?

Approaching Web-Based Communication: A Note to Contributors

In the spirit of the Web's guiding principles of openness and neutrality, the conversation here on Serendip Studio is a public one. It aims to enlarge people's access to information, multiple perspectives, and voices of inquiry (including their own). At the same time, participants in this conversation are always and must be free to make their own choices --not to post, not to post with their real name, to post privately, and also to consult with us or with their course instructors (in the case of courses housed here) in making these choices.


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Ann Dixon

Ann Dixon is co-founder and chief technologist of Serendip and a member of Serendip Studio's steering group. A Bryn Mawr English major who later went to Penn for computer science grad school, she is interested in learning beyond and between the boundaries of space, time and academic disciplines. She welcomes all explorers to Serendip Studio.

Anne Dalke

For 35 years, Anne Dalke taught English and Gender Studies at Bryn Mawr College, where she received the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Change Master Fund award for her contributions to social betterment through scholarship. She now teaches and facilitates workshops in several Philadelphia area jails and prisons, as an affiliate of The Petey Greene Program, the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program and Let’s Circle Up, a Restorative Justice project. A Quaker with a particular interest in resistant teaching practices, she is the author of Teaching to Learn/Learning to Teach: Meditations on the Classroom (2002); co-editor, with Barbara Dixson, of Minding the Light: Essays in Friendly Pedagogy (2004); with Jan Trembley, of A Special Issue on Emergence Theory, in Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal (2007); with Elizabeth McCormack, of On Beyond Interdisciplinarity, Journal of Research Practice (2007); and co-author, with Jody... More

Ingrid Waldron

Ingrid taught for many years in the Biology Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, she teaches K-12 teachers in a variety of professional development settings. Her teaching emphasizes actively engaging students in order to foster understanding of important biological concepts. She and her colleagues have developed multiple minds-on activities for teaching biology and scientific thinking to middle school and high school students, as well as students in college-level biology courses for non-majors. These activities include both hands-on activities (available at /sci_edu/waldron/) and discussion/worksheet activities (available at /exchange/bioactivities).

Jody Cohen

Jody is a Language Arts teacher in her third year of working with the talented students and staff at YouthBuild Philadelphia.  Before joining YouthBuild, she taught Education and Writing at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, where she also co-facilitated reading and writing classes with colleagues, college students and people who were incarcerated in Philadelphia jails.  Jody is a qualitative researcher and education activist who works with community members for equity and excellence in urban schools.  She has a Ph.D in Reading/Writing/Literacy from University of Pennsylvania.  In Steal This Classroom:Teaching and Learning Unbound (punctum press), she and co-author Anne Dalke explore the dynamic ecology of learning and teaching in multiple spaces.

Julia Rose Lewis

Julia Rose Lewis has been a Serendipian since 2008. Her research ambition is to draw on her background in the natural sciences, philosophy of science, and medicine in order to create experimental and hybrid works. She has written or performed with poets, scientists, and chefs in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Her doctoral disseritonation in creative and critical writing was titled Against Originality: what is lost without discourse between poetry and philosophy of science? Serendip has continued to be an important place for her to inquire into open-ended problems, the broader and more transdisciplinary, the better. She teaches creative and critical writing. She is part of Serendip Communications and will be a Serendipian for life.




Serendip Studio Activities:

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Kristin Lindgren

Kristin Lindgren directs the Writing Center and teaches courses in literature, writing, and disability studies at Haverford College. She and her students collaborate every year with artists at the Center for Creative Works. She is co-editor of two books on Deaf culture, Signs and Voices and Access (Gallaudet University Press),and author of numerous articles and essays on illness and disability. Her work appears in collections including Gendering Disability, Illness in the Academy, Disability and the Teaching of Writing, Disability and Mothering, Transforming the Academy, and A Cultural History of Disability. She enjoys convening events and exhibitions that bring together scholars, artists, curators, and activists. Kristin has been involved for many years with Let’s Circle Up, a restorative justice project founded by men incarcerated at SCI-Phoenix. She envisions teaching and learning as creative, multimodal, lifelong practices that can help us to build a more inclusive world.