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Twin Cultures

Serendip is rooted in the belief that the humanities and natural sciences are twin cultures, not two cultures as CP Snow argued. It is a gathering place for people interested in sharing their observations about the implications of humanities for the natural sciences and the implications of the natural sciences for the humanities.

The phrase twin cultures is predicated on the belief that art, literature, and science are human inquiries into the world inside and outside our own minds. These twins (or perhaps triplets is more accurate) have more in common than in difference.  THe humanities and the natural sciences are as similar and essential as each eye on a cat's head.


cat with white eyes


Serendip has a proud history of producing materials related to the exploration of the twin cultures. It continues to seek materials that explore the relationship between the twin cultures in the form of educational matter, creative projects, or open-ended inquiries.

Serendip welcomes contributions from those interested in reflecting on their own practice within the twin cultures. As a digital ecosystem, it aims to present to the general public a variety of stories and revisions of stories reflecting on the relationship between the arts, literature, and natural sciences. Serendip is a gathering place for students, teachers, researchers, and the general public to engage in radically transdisciplinary projects.