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Not on a Mountain Top

Serendip unites a commitment to social justice with history, philosophy, and sociology of science in order to interpret the role science plays within society.

Science is a human activity that takes places within the constraints of human society. Serendip is always exploring itself as it continues to partner with individuals and institutions around the world. Scientific research is not conducted by an isolated genius on a mountain top or even a doctor in the Amazon (see Medicine Man or Richard Evans Schultes), it is conducted by a dedicated team of researchers supported by a large institution. Serendip is focusing social justice conversations towards education and research in the sciences.

from Harvard Museums of Science & Culture 

Donna Haraway reminds us that the stories we tell about science, our interpretations of science, effect not only humanity, but every living thing on this planet. She writes: “[w]e also live with each other in the flesh in ways not exhausted by our ideologies. Stories are much bigger than ideologies. In that is our hope.

Science education occurs inside the primary school system and higher education and is subject to all the social elements that exist in institutions. Serendip is open to conversation about what kind of questions science asks, what directions research moves in, and what kind of answers are determined to be successful.This is some serious play as scientific research is funded by corporations, militaries, nonprofits, and universities. Serendip is interested in exploring how climate change, disability studies, mental health, pedagogy, social justice, and technology can engage in meaningful bidirectional exchanges with the practice of science.