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Self Evaluation and Reflection

CCW Reflection

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I enjoyed being a part of the CCW project. I was disappointed that I could not visit the CCW due to scheduling conflicts, but I like that the project structure allowed people like me to participate despite these conflicts. I was able to complete the author bio using the notes from my group members who were able to visit the center. I also assisted in reviewing and editing the image descriptions of our chosen artworks. When it came time for the exhibit, I designed and hung the event flyers around campus. 

Reflection Essay

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I went from having almost no knowledge of disability studies before taking this class, and now I feel as though I cannot unsee the intersections at every turn in my academic and personal life. I don’t exaggerate when I say this; I am familiar with disability but have never had the language to explain, describe, or enunciate what I have experienced. Repeating many others, the current public lexicon is woefully equipped to address the diversity of human experiences, especially when it manifests itself as disability. Taking this class and holding on to several questions important to me throughout the semester has led to my understanding of disability being expanded upon in many ways.

Self-Evaluation and Reflection

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Disability as an issue of the study was only restricted to everyday activities. The study of disability has given light in comprehension of racial and ethnic differences experienced among children with disability. The study has deepened the access to information regarding disability. When talking about accessibility, what came into mind is helping them access wheelchairs and building more structures. True accessibility, however, entails giving meaningful thoughts to disability. Coming up with initiatives to educate different parents on the different types of disabilities to avoid delays in accessing medical concerns. The communication and attitude toward disability have to be enhanced to eliminate racial disparity and promote equality.

Deaf Gain Reflection - Why does our fascinating human variability go unnoticed?

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We were always taught that deafness is a loss/lack of hearing ability, that it is an unfortunate reality, but what if it is the other way around? What if it is a gift, what if deaf people are luckier than us as they have received access to a dimension of living and communicating that we would have never discovered as hearing people? We should learn from those we used to perceive as ‘lacking’ and reflect on why our ways of perceiving the world are considered the norm.