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Self-Evaluation and Reflection

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Disability as an issue of the study was only restricted to everyday activities. The study of disability has given light in comprehension of racial and ethnic differences experienced among children with disability. The study has deepened the access to information regarding disability. When talking about accessibility, what came into mind is helping them access wheelchairs and building more structures. True accessibility, however, entails giving meaningful thoughts to disability. Coming up with initiatives to educate different parents on the different types of disabilities to avoid delays in accessing medical concerns. The communication and attitude toward disability have to be enhanced to eliminate racial disparity and promote equality. Disability is part of the human condition and every family member has the responsibility of caring for the disabled. The study of disability has promoted the understanding of demographics of the societies and challenges faced by African children with disabilities. Disability has become a broad term and every epoch has to face political issues and moral support in the struggle for equality. 

Learning disability can happen in processing and comprehending intensive information regarding racial disparity experienced among children with disability. Learning disability has typical difficulty and can exclude learning in a different manner. Unique challenges faced by disabled people have been evaluated. Understanding of learning strategies to help disabled people have been elaborated. The issue of disability is a broad subject that should be understood by many people. More specifically, disability is a term that should be used by a multi-disciplinary team to redesign more accurate interventions that can help the teachers and parents. The multi-disciplinary team has to address the racial disparity experienced amongst the people. The course is so effective in addressing the issue of disability. The use of technologies to help disabled people learn is effective to be used in future courses. The tendency to see disability as a human issue has shifted greatly throughout the study. Health-focused solutions have given an interactive approach. The course is useful in understanding the unfair systems that discriminate against disabled people.  

The ethnic and racial disparity among disabled people can be used as a future reference in order to fight the menace. The developed interventions should place both blacks and whites at the same level to avoid differences. The measured explored to promote the social participation of disabled people are effective in providing general orientations. Key concepts such as rehabilitation, International Classification of Functioning, Health, and disability, human rights approach to disability, and the intersection between development and disability have been explored in understanding barriers that are not advantageous to individuals with disabilities. To some extent, the coming of the pandemic has limited the understanding of disability. It has limited access to resources and active interaction with useful bodies that have affected a good understanding of disability.