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Serendip Studio Projects

Steal This Classroom

Book Release Party! Steal this Classroom: Teaching and Learning Unbound, a new volume by Jody Cohen and Anne Dalke, has just been released by punctum books, an open-access publisher dedicated to "spontaneous acts of scholarly combustion."

Suggested Sequence of Topics and Learning Activities in a High School Biology Course

Dr. Ingrid Waldron, Professor of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, proposes a High School Biology sequence with Hands-on, Minds-On learning activities in which the major biological concepts build in a logical progression. Topics and learning activities are not a complete biology course, but they provide a good basis for developing strong student understanding of a broad range of important biological concepts.

Arts of Resistance

A cluster of three courses about the constraints and agency of individual actors in social spaces, with a particular focus on the institutional settings of colleges and prisons and the “critical spaces” that can open up within them.  How might we come to voice in such spaces? How might we practice silence? What “apprenticeship in freedom” is available to us? What larger visions might activate the lives shaped by the institutions in which we live?  What can we learn from the juxtaposition of colleges and prisons as institutions that pose drastically different and also interestingly parallel kinds of challenges to human beings who are in contrasting and yet also perhaps linked phases of their lives?

Student-Faculty Pedagogical Partnership Forum

This is a forum for student consultants and their faculty partners participating in student-faculty partnership programs who wish to be in dialogue with student consultants and faculty members on different college campuses. The goal is to create community across contexts. With participants from Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Oberlin, and Reed Colleges, the forum offers resources, inspirations, and a space for questions and advice about participants' experiences of pedagogical partnership

Ecological Imaginings

Ecological Imaginings is  an English, Environmental Studies and Gender Studies course at Bryn Mawr College, in which we make our own weekly observations of the world in which we live, work and imagine, seeking a variety of ways of expressing our ecological interests. We also read classical and cutting edge ecolinguistic, ecofeminist, ecocritical and ecoesthetic theory, along with a range of exploratory, speculative, and imaginative essays and stories.

Schools in American Cities

This course investigates issues and possibilities of urban education.  What can we learn about equity and teaching and learning from students, teachers, parents, and administrators as well as outside researchers and activists?

Multicultural Education

This course explores key tensions in the contested areas of multicultural education:

  • identity and difference
  • dialogue and silence
  • peace and conflict
  • culture and the psyche
Bi-Co Collaboration with Communities in Northern Ghana

This partnership seeks to promote friendship, reciprocal teaching and learning, and cultural competence through student internships, research, teacher education and by expanding relationships between higher education institutions in both countries as well as the Ghana Education Service.

"Children have agency in their actions, convictions and friendships to create change in the worlds they live in. Children have the potential to be and to become agents of change if their caretakers and teachers allow them the freedom to question and give them the tools and support necessary.” -360 student

Empowering Learners Handbook

The Empowering Learners Handbook is an evolving collection of reflective essays aimed at charting useful pathways through the complexities of mentorship, tutoring, and other forms of learning support, ally-ship, and advocacy.  The pieces have been written over the past five years by students in an Education course at Bryn Mawr College, taught by Alice Lesnick.

We hope these papers will be of use to:

  • Students of Education;
  • Teachers interested in new ideas for practice and new possibilities for learning support roles and partnership with college/university students in empowering learners;
  • Community members interested in education as an important source of personal and community development.

We invite you to read, write back, question, and try out the ideas offered here.

Africana Studies Program

Welcome to this online forum for Africana Studies at Bryn Mawr College.  This space is for students in the Africana Studies program, and their allies, to share ideas, resources, links, and announcements.