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Serendip, a digital ecosystem fueled by serendipity, was founded in 1994, and is dedicated to gathering people together for the exploration of science and its implications for art, climate change, disability studies, literature, mental health, pedagogy, social justice, and technology.

Formerly at Bryn Mawr College, Serendip is now an independent site partnering with faculty at multiple colleges and universities around the world.

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Education: Between two cultures
The Two Cultures: A Conversation


This cluster of courses, which have been co-designed by professors with shared interests in disability studies, gender studies, human development, literature, social work, visual studies and writing, considers how multiple systems of identity, as Rosemarie Garland-Thomson says, “intertwine, redefine, and mutually constitute one another.” Focusing, in particular, on those identity categories of “humans being” that may seem non-normative, we are reading, viewing and creating a range of self-representations: What stories do we tell about ourselves? What images do we construct? How might we revise them? To what degree can we—and do we want to--intervene in the processes of gender and sexual identity, illness, disability and aging? What changes and “cures” are desirable? What are the possibilities, and what are the limits, of our re-imagining ourselves?  What roles might others play in this re-imagining

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