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Art and Science

Art on Serendip

Damary Burgos
Synesthesia and Perception:
The Brain Constructing the World

Many Artists, The Painted Bride Art Center; Anabelle Rodriguez, Curator

Exploring Disability:
Images and Thoughts

David Alan Feingold Gallery

Eye in Eye Strengths
Re-Making the Landscape:
The Art and Science
of Ava Blitz
  Geographic (and Human?) Diversity: Exploring Iceland, in Text and Image
by Anne Dalke
by Jakub Dvorsky and Vaclav Blin





Measure for Measure: An Artistic Exploration of Eating Disorders, Body Image, and the Self,
by Janna Stern


by Sharon Burgmayer




Mary Wilson: Housekeeper/Poet/Story Writer




Floating World,
by Ava Blitz





The Third Age in Paris,
by Arleen McCormack

Seeds of Memory Sculpture Garden
by Ava Blitz

Guest Science Exhibits on Serendip

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