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Coronavirus Teaching Resources

Scanning electron microscope image of SARS-CoV-2

Resources for Teaching about Coronavirus has descriptions and links for multiple resources to use in teaching and learning about coronavirus.

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 48 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

Life is Like That?

An interesting world to explore, a place to wander, to see what there is to see, to try and make sense of oneself, in one's own time and in one's own way ....

Sound appealing? If so, visit Samorost (click here or on the picture to the right), a creation of Jakub Dvorsky and Vaclav Blin of Amanita Design in the Czech Republic.

Freely available at Amanita's own site, Samorost was happened on (serendipitously) by Rachel Grobstein, one of Serendip's resident artists. It seemed to fit Serendip's interest in play and so is made available here with the permission of its creators.

Spoiler (skip if you enjoy just wandering):

All is not entirely fun and games in Samorost (is it ever?). It turns out (will turn out? has turned out?) that there is an impending calamity there. And the calamity is one that can (in this particular case at least) be avoided if one is patient enough to play around a bit and discover how to avert a collision.

Maybe there's a lesson there too? Something along the lines of play "is not purely entertainment of a luxury to be given up when things get serious ...?

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