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Steal This Classroom: Teaching and Learning Unbound

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Steal this Classroom: Teaching and Learning Unbound, a new volume by Jody Cohen and Anne Dalke, has been released by punctum books, an open-access publisher dedicated to "spontaneous acts of scholarly combustion." This particular collection is filled with celebrations of the ways in which Serendip Studio functions as a digital ecosystem fueled by serendipity. The book showcases Serendip as a public playground where students post their writings, on an on-line site that offers them both space and time to reflect on what others have to say, without the expectation of an immediate response.

The publication includes multiple links to such on-going conversations, as well as to records of planning, syllabi and lessons for classes ranging from Critical Feminist Studies, Ecological Imaginings, Multicultural Education, Play in the City and The Rhetorics of Silence; through 360° course clusters on topics such as Arts of Resistance, Identity Matters and Eco-Literacy. It also highlights discussion groups on Language and Emergent Systems, and one called The Slippery Brain Sodality.

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